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1.How can I make a reservation with NJ Limo Service?

You can reserve securely online on our website, www.njlimoservice.com

Or via call by simply dialing +1-718-430-0050, available 24/7.

For further information feel free to contact us at info@njlimoservice.com


2.How much time prior to my requirement do I need to make a reservation?

A 12 hour time period is advisable to reserve a car before the required time, for a hassle free and smooth booking.


3.Are Credit card payments accepted?

Yes. We accept all major credit cards. Although for any debit and credit card payments, due to pre-approval purposes you are required to provide us with the card number in advance.  

4.Does NJ Limo Service accept check payments?

Unfortunately at the present time, we are unable to offer this mode of payment.


5.Will I be informed upon my car's arrival?

We always try to ensure to call our customers at their registered number upon their car's arrival at the destination however sometimes heavy call volume acts as a curb, but we try our best.


6.When booking an airport pickup, what time should I make the car reservation for?

Though we usually accept unscheduled airport picks, we'd advise you to make the reservation for all airport arrivals at the time the flight is scheduled to land, beforehand. If you would like to be picked up at a specific time, then you should reserve for that specific time and we will send the car accordingly. However, if you do want to make a reservation upon landing, please do call us to check if we are available. The approximate pickup time is 5-10 minutes.  

7.Do I get a receipt for a cash payment?

Yes. The driver will hand you the cash receipt after your trip's completion. If you do forget to get the receipt in the vehicle, please call us to get it faxed or mailed.


8.What are the waiting time charges at NJ Limo Service?

Waiting time charges is imposed at an hourly rate and at a 15 minute increment upon late passenger arrival. Any excess time spent at additional stops, or after expiration of the complimentary waiting time for round-trips, is also billable.


9.Will I be charged if my flight is delayed?

No, you would not be billed for any waiting time charges if your flight is delayed and the information is updated on the airline's website. On the chance that your flight lands on time but unable to meet the driver for any unforeseen reasons, no need to worry as a grace of 30 minutes waiting time on domestic flights and a 45 minutes waiting time on international flights is provided by NJ Limo Service.


10.Which cars are suggested if I were to have more than four passengers or many large sized luggages?

The Sedans and Luxury Sedans have the capacity of 4 passengers and 3 luggage bags.

While our SUVs facilitates around, 6 passengers and 6 standard luggage bags.


11.I lost an item in one of your vehicle's, how can I get it back?

Please make a note to check for all of your personal belonging with you before you exiting the vehicle. If you do happen to discover that you have lost or forgotten an item, please call our office immediately. If the Driver does find the item, you can pick it up or we can drop it off at any location of your choice if you are willing to pay for whatever charge the company incurs for the delivery. We are however, NOT responsible for any lost or misplaced belongings.


12.Is Tip Included in the fare? And if not is there a predetermined tip percentage?

If you reserve and travel in a Sedan, Luxury Sedan, SUV, Mini-Van, 9-passenger Van, 13-passenger van and stretch limousine, we recommend a 20% tip.


13.Are toll charges of a trip included in the fare?

Toll charges are the Passenger's responsibility. You will be informed by the driver of any additional toll charge to be payed, after you arrive at your destination.


14.How much is the parking fee for an airport meet-and-greet?

A parking fee of $3 to $20 is to be expected for airport meet-and-greet service.


Any cancellations after the specified time-frames are chargeable.




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